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Off-Site Backups

off site BackupsComputers have become one of the necessities in today's world. With business records, e-mails, photos, music etc all being stored in a digital format, computer data is now growing at an annual rate of 60 percent. RLComputing Offsite Backup Service can provide a solution to safegaurd your mission critical data against disasters.

  • Automatic backup of critical data to an off-site location
  • Recover files that were accidentally deleted
  • Protect your data from hardware failures and natural disasters
  • Simple and Secure backup and restore procedures

Data Loss Happens
Nobody ever plans for data loss but the truth is it happens. Accidental file deletion, hardware failures and natural disasters can occur at any time. Loss of business critical data can turn into lost business and valuable information you may never been able to get back. RLComputing's Offsite Backup Service can you protect your data and give you the piece of mind so you can focus on your business.

Secure Data Protection
Uploading of backup data is done through a secure SSL channel. This whole mechanism provides exceptional security to the backed up data.

Backup Report

RLComputing will notify you about the backup status after a scheduled backup. You will know if the backup is successful, with errors or warning.