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Social Media

Social MediaMany business and organizations are trying to figure out how to utilize social media in their marketing plans. If used properly these sites can be great tools to help with brand awareness and reaching your target audience. They can also help you establish a direct connection with customers, generate peer influence, and convert traffic to opportunity.

Learn how to use LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter to increase your brand awareness and customer service.


LinkedIn is a business network unlike many of the other social networking tools. You can use LinkedIn to increase your visibility, improve connectability, improve your Google page rank, enhance your search engine results, track other companies and potential customers, and potential employees.


Facebook has become one of the most popular social media tools. When used properly it can be a great branding and communication tool. You can post upcoming events, sales, product information, tips, and helpful information. Your customers can interact with each other and you can quickly address any customer issues that come up.


Twitter can provide you with global connectivity to potential customers. Twitter is a service that functions like a giant bulletin board where anyone can stick a short note — 140 characters or less. Twitter can help your business have a human voice, connect to the community and spread your word. We can help you set up Twitter and create a custom background for your profile that matches your web site.